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Serena Kutchinsky

Over the past decade I have built a reputation for excellence in digital media with a focus on news features. My writing covers politics, culture and social affairs. I thrive on the challenge of producing ambitious journalism in the internet age.



How to make good jokes about the hijab

Finding the right way to be funny about religion requires both sensitivity and an understanding of how badly it can go wrong - as the comedian Shazia Mirza discovered last year when she joked that Muslim girls were joining terrorist groups abroad because they were tempted by the "hot" jihadis. "These ISIS men," she said during a TV chat show appearance, "as barbaric as they are, they are hot.
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Little Miss Busier Than You

Juggling multiple projects at work and home, rushing from festival to wedding… When did being busy become such a badge of honour? And just how frantic are we really?
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The erotic renaissance

Erotic fiction, podcasts and poetry – made for and by women have seen a surge in popularity. Stylist explores the new wave of female-friendly erotica
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The seat of pleasure

King Edward VII and Catherine the Great are famed for their sex chairs. Serena Kutchinsky's lover built one just for her
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A good egg

Serena Kutchinsky watched as her father set out to make world's most stunning egg — one to rival Fabergé’s creations. He was a top jeweller with fabulously wealthy clients. What could possibly go wrong? I know I shouldn’t touch it, but I have to. The enormous, jewel-encrusted egg sits there glistening before my eyes.

I Grew Up Loving Dance Music. But Where Are All The Female DJs?

Picture the scene. You’re on the dance floor in a dimly lit club. All around you, people sway in unison, lasers illuminate euphoric faces, the DJ drops another track, triggering a frenzy of head-nodding. The partygoers are evenly split between men and women, as are the bar staff, but in the DJ booth it’s different.

“This is bigger than just Brexit”: how Gina Miller held the government to account over the EU

She learned Article 50 off by heart and faced off against Nigel Farage on The Andrew Marr Show. But Miller says it's not just about Europe. The high court ruling on Article 50 has thrown the government’s Brexit plans, such as they were, into disarray. The judgment in effect blocks the Prime Minister from acting without a parliamentary vote.

The Pool: How Lauren Laverne and Sam Baker Worked Out What Women Want

What do women want? That was the question that drove the creation of The Pool, a smart, witty and softly feminist website which tackles everything from periods to politics. The brainchild of BBC Radio presenter Lauren Laverne and Sam Baker, a former editor of Cosmopolitan and Red, it recently celebrated its first birthday and is now read by over half a million users a month.

Craig Oliver, Cameron's attack dog, finally bites

It must be hard being a spin doctor: always in the shadows but always on-message. The murky control that the role requires might explain why David Cameron’s former director of communications Craig Oliver has rushed out his political memoirs so soon after his boss left Downing Street. Now that he has been freed from the shackles of power, Oliver has chosen to expose the bitterness that lingers among those on the losing side in the EU referendum.

I sabotaged my wedding — I want to be a spinster

In a new book, Spinster, US author Kate Bolick argues that women don’t all want to marry. Here, two writers agree
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Yanis Varoufakis: After Donald Trump’s awful victory, the left must be more ambitious

The US election result and Brexit have shown that political revolution is possible, says the former Greek finance minister. “I had no doubt Donald Trump would win, just like I had no doubt Brexit would happen, so maybe I’m not as shell-shocked as you,” says Yanis Varoufakis. The former Greek finance minister is speaking to me several days after the Republican candidate’s historic victory.

Are Sleaford Mods Britain’s most political band?

Sleaford Mods shouldn’t be successful. They make an uncompromising hybrid of hip-hop and punk. They rant about politics in a coarse stream of consciousness. They are both in their forties, which is pushing it to be considered hip. Their lyrics are distinctively doom-laden and their stage presence is best described as swaggering.


Serena Kutchinsky

I am a senior digital editor and writer with over a decade of experience on national newspapers and magazines. I love finding new ways to tell stories and engaging readers in the process.

My specialism is digital storytelling with a focus on politics, culture, lifestyle and social affairs. I have an eye for spotting exciting new talent in both writing and multimedia, and enjoy working with writers and producers to help them realise their potential. My own writing covers a wide-range of subjects from political interviews which set the news agenda, to long-form features and trend pieces.

I have worked with award-winning teams at the New Statesman, Newsweek and The Sunday Times, driving digital growth and innovation. While at The Sunday Times, I helped launch the title's website and tablet editions.

Public speaking is a passion of mine and I frequently speak in, or chair, debates at leading festivals such as the Hay Festival, the Battle of Ideas and How The Light Gets In.

I am currently working on my first book about how my jeweller father came to create the world’s largest Fabergé egg.



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